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Fish marked * have held the British Record as determined by the British Record Fish Committee

Latest additions in red

46lb 13oz*R. LewisLlandegfedd ReservoirOctober 1992 
46lb 8ozA. Stewart Oaks Fishery, N. IrelandMarch 2005
46lb (1) A. HewlettUndisclosedFebruary 2007
45lb 15ozD. WillinghamBarnes FisheryFebruary 1999
45lb 14oz W. Coole. Wykeham Lakes March 2011
45lb 8ozJ. Goble Thurne System February 2009
45lb 6oz*G. EdwardsLlandegfedd Reservoir  March 1990
44lb 14oz*M. LintonArdleigh ReservoirJanuary 1987
44lb 8ozC. GarrettLlandegfedd Reservoir  October 1988
44lb 4oz T. Balfour Undisclosed Lancashire Water March 2011
44lb 2ozM. LawrenceBarnes Fishery February 2000
44lbS. GilhamLlandegfedd Reservoir October 1988 
43lb 12oz T. Knight Wykeham Lakes March 2011
43lb 2ozP. WrightCastle Howard Lake1988  
43lb 2ozB. IngramsLlandegfedd Reservoir  October 1988  
42lb 12ozP. Harvey  Blithfield Reservoir  July 1998
42lb 8ozA. MacPhersonMartnaham Loch1964
42lb 8ozP. Malcolm Loch Fad April 2005
42lb 8oz C. Humphries Hickling Broad March 2010
42lb 7ozC. BurdonMidlands Stillwater February 2009
42lb 5ozP. Climo Llandegfedd Reservoir  October 1988  
42lb 2oz*D. AmiesRiver ThurneAugust 1985
42lb 2ozJ. Rochfort Fermanagh Lough 2005
41lb 12ozJ. CostelloUndisclosedJanuary 1994
41lb 12ozC. Bailey Bluebell Lakes February 1995
41lb 12ozM. GodfreyBewl WaterJanuary 2000
41lb 12oz M. O' BrianRiver BureJanuary 2003
41lb 12oz (1)AnonymousUndisclosedFebruary 2005
41lb 8oz D. Amies Thurne SystemFebruary 1983
41lb 8oz R. DixonBewl WaterDecember 1999
41lb 8ozE. EdwardsBlithfield Reservoir October 2001
41lb 7ozM. CookeBlithfield Reservoir   November 2000
41lb 6oz*N. FicklingRiver ThurneFebruary 1985
41lb 4ozJ. MillsRiver ThurneFebruary 1986
41lb 4ozN. WilliamsSurrey Stillwater January 2005
41lb 2oz A. McFadyenGartmorn Dam November 2005
41lbM. EspinBirchmereJanuary 1994
41lbC. BaileyBluebell LakesFebruary 1995
41lbD. MacDonald Midlands stillwater November 2007
40lb 12ozN. WilliamsBluebell LakesFebruary 1996
40lb 10ozN. BaxterPrivate Scottish waterJanuary 2008
40lb 10oz S. DavisBoddington Reservoir February 2009
40lb 8ozT. SimpsonBough Beech ReservoirDecember 1991
40lb 8oz G. Moreland Oaks Fishery, N. Ireland April/May 2005
40lb 8oz A. Charmer Chew Valley Fishery February 2010
40lb 6ozM. HopwoodKent LakeNovember 1979
40lb 4ozK. VogelLoch Ken1972
40lb 4ozE. RaisonRookery LakeFebruary 1994
40lb 2ozS. MarshallBough Beech ReservoirDecember 1991
40lb*P. HancockHorsey MereFebruary 1967
40lbM. CookeLlandegfedd Reservoir   October 1996
40lb (2)J. SturgeRavensthorpe ReservoirApril 2006

* These fish have held the British Record as determined by the British Record Fish Committee

(1) Both fish caught by same captor. Pictures and stories of captures appeared in Pike and Predators magazine August 2007. Photo of the fish at 46lb on-line here

(2) Bottomed a set of 40lb scales which were later found to be weighing 2oz heavy

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Thanks to Neville Fickling for permission to use information on this list and to copyright holders for permission to use their photographs.

This list is simply a record of reported captures. The PAC passes no judgement on the claimed weights or circumstances surrounding the captures.